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About Us

Our Story

Verbato is a language service provider founded in London in 2021. Our job is to provide high-quality language services, fueled by technology and talented people, to deliver exceptional results to our clients. Our expertise allows us to provide customized and scalable solutions to fit our clients’ needs while maintaining competitive pricing.

We are driven by our values

We believe that building long-term relationships is the key to our success. To this end, we approach every client and vendor with the same consideration: how can we serve them best? We strive to maintain transparency in all our dealings, and to keep open lines of communication at all times. This allows us to remain focused on providing an excellent experience for everyone with whom we work.


Through the use of artificial intelligence and other innovative solutions, we are committed to helping our clients to make the best of their localisation budget. We believe that every client is unique. Therefore, we tailor our service offer to each client’s individual needs, ensuring maximum quality and efficiency at all times.


Verbato’s success depends on its track record, and that is why we work hard to maintain the accountability. We make sure that our clients are satisfied with the every single project we deliver. If not, we are always ready to take their feedback and revise our work in order to create a result that meets their needs and makes them want to work with us again.


We work with the very best language professionals, who are able to keep up with the ever-changing demands of our industry. With our dedication and hard work, we have become the premiere localisation partner in our language pairs to some of the most prestigious language service providers across Europe.


Cenk Yalavac, Founder and CEO

Cenk has been working in the localisation industry for sixteen years. He started his journey at an established Turkish localisation company as a project manager. Five years later, he joined a localisation company as the employee number one, and took part in all stages of operations from finding clients and vendors to establishing an IT infrastructure. In 2016, he started his own localisation company in Turkey, focusing on Turkish and Arabic. The company, El Turco, quickly became a leading actor in the region, serving the most prestigious brands across the world.

His vision and determination brought him to London in 2021. At Verbato, he continues to strive for the excellence and create new language solutions with the help of technology.